Why B2Q Digital Services?

Delight customers, save time, and increase battery sales by over 300%!

Make and share better decisions - faster!

Diagnose more frequently, more quickly, and more accurately. Communicate results immediately with confidence inspiring clarity and transparency.

Measure performance – drive execution!

Data becomes information and drives behavior. Fast and routine testing flags more batteries before they fail, thus delighting customers and driving sales.

A smart investment!

Integrated and shared data enables your technicians to quickly and accurately manage after-sales service, saving time and reducing unnecessary expense.

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For the single owner / operator



  • Fastest comprehensive test & report in the industry (< 1 min)
  • Unmatched test accuracy and decisiveness for 6, 8 and 12V batteries.
  • Complete starting and charging system testing
  • Complete B2QScan functionality
  • Unlimited cloud storage, backup & restore, software updates
  • Automatic custom battery test algorithms (AGM and more)
  • Automatic, transparent, unlimited app/algorithm updates
  • BatteryPortalTM web interface for basic records search and reporting


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For sites with multiple technicians

$15 / month*

Everything in B2Q Technician plus:

  • Connect up to 10 technicians (+$2ea/mo) to single Service manager for real time access to test reports from all technicians
  • Automatic Smart VIN lookup of past test data and battery specifications
  • All technicians view, search, sort, and filter reports and usage for all location users
  • Centralized management and reporting of all testing activity through BatteryPortal
  • Print and email test reports instantly
  • Easy communication and sharing of reports with other technicians, service manager, and customers
  • Easy billing, per location, unlimited test devices allowed

*+ $2/mo for 2nd and additional techs

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For multi-site enterprises

$35 / month / site

Everything in B2Q Professional plus:

  • Smart Alert - enterprise wide identification of previous service transactions
  • Automatic monthly reporting across all enterprise locations
  • Enables proactive self-management of battery program and warranty across all sites
  • Allows informed administration of customer warranty issues
  • Battery lifecycle and warranty tracking across enterprise
  • Unlimited technician accounts and devices per site
  • Monthly invoiced billing
  • Smart Advisor – Automatic notice of battery specifications, service notices, and battery location
  • Quick search from any test application
  • Automatic reporting for all associated locations


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