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B1e Tester

Automotive technicians need easy-to-use tools that deliver clear results fast.

The B1e Tester – using proven patented technologies to measure battery, charging system, and cranking health – makes battery and system testing affordable, fast, and simple.

It is used together with the free B2QScan App, which displays results and recommendations you can save, print, or share instantly from your smart device. Together, it’s "simply advanced" battery testing!

Price: $419ea (USD)

$20ea (USD) USPS shipping, to contiguous 48 US State postal addresses only.

Please inquire at info@remove-this.b2qtech.com if you're interested in purchasing from outside the contiguous 48 US States, thank you.

B2Q Tester Replacement Cables

Replacement Cables

Replacement cables for all B1 models.

Please refer to full color instructions for installation.

$49ea (USD)

$8ea (USD) USPS shipping, to contiguous 48 US State postal addresses only.