The B2Q BatteryPortal is the “gateway” into many of B2Q’s Digital Services.  The BatteryPortal is a browser based interface to the test, vehicle and battery data for all registered B2Q users.  

BatteryPortal Features:

  • Flexible and secure web browser user interface
  • Quickly and easily search, sort and view test reports in real time with standard views
  • Print, email, and view full color red/yellow/green test reports with customers
  • Quick filters to generate real time activity reports
  • Administer Technician and Professional level accounts.   Securely edit user profiles, account settings, subscriptions, technician lists.

BatteryPortal Benefits:

  • Save time: Fast and efficient access to all reports in one central repository
  • Delight customers: View, print and share simple to understand, accurate and decisive full color battery reports
  • Drive accountability: Allows service managers real time monitoring of battery service execution by technician