B2Q Technologies Announces B2Q Digital Services!

B2Q further boosts it market leading innovation and capabilities.

B2Q Technologies Announces B2Q Digital Services 

B2Q Digital Services™ Transforms Battery Sales and Services


Jamestown, R.I., May 13, 2015 -- B2Q Technologies® (, manufacturer of the B1 Smart Battery Tester and the B2QScan App, and the recognized leader in innovative battery testing solutions, today announced B2Q Digital Services™.  B2Q Digital Services is the world’s first suite of web based battery management solutions that deliver real-time access to all battery testing data required to monitor, manage and dramatically improve battery service and sales programs. 

The first Digital Services offerings from B2Q are the ’Technician’,  ‘Professional’, and ‘Enterprise’ service plans.  In addition to the free and powerful B2QScan software and ‘Technician’ service plan combination, the ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans add Smart VIN Scan, and Smart Scan Advisor, offering instant access to prior tests performed on that vehicle as well as vehicle battery specifications and fitment notes.  With the addition of optical VIN scanning and the B2Q Digital Services platform, the battery diagnostic process can now be performed without any manual data entry, offering another industry breakthrough. 

The ‘Technician’ level service plan is free and provisioned automatically when a user registers to use the B2QScan application on their smart device.  The ‘Professional’ plan starting at $15 per month is configured to support a single location with multiple technicians, and allows sharing data and test results among multiple technicians and service advisors within a larger shop environment.   The ‘Enterprise’ service plan is designed for multi-location enterprises. In addition to the Professional level services, the Enterprise plan supports enterprise-wide identification of prior test history enabling informed administration and tracking of battery warranty obligations. The Enterprise plan also offers automatic, periodic management reporting of test activity by location and user. 

All Digital Services offerings are administered through the recently released B2Q BatteryPortal™ website.  BatteryPortal gives technicians, managers and business owners real-time secure access via web browser to the data and reports produced by the widely deployed and field proven B1 Battery Tester and B2QScan diagnostic software (available for iOS and Android). 

 “With the features available through B2Q’s Digital Services, my managers at our service counters can quickly view, email and even print B2Q’s easy to understand red-yellow-green tests reports and share them with our customers in real time,” said Bob Lane, General Manager of Direct Tire & Auto Service of Massachusetts,  “My team was already hooked on the efficient, cool B1 battery analyzer.  It is by far the fastest and most accurate battery analyzer we have seen in 20+ years.  With the new Digital Services tools, B2Q has given my techs and my business back even more time in the day.” 

Barry Steinberg, owner of Direct Tire & Auto Service continued, “Since the B2Q tools are so fast and effective, we’ve been able to find 300% more failing batteries for our customers in the last month alone.  Just as importantly our customers love the peace of mind we now deliver to them regarding their car battery.  B2Q has helped us take control of our battery business and create a ‘program’ instead of selling a ‘commodity’.  We’ve gotten rid of all of our big old battery testers that were slow, often inaccurate, and difficult to use.  The B2Q B1 tester, B2QScan and the new Digital Services are a game changer in our strategy to delight our customers.” 

B2Q Digital Services, including a 30-day Free Trial of the Professional plan are available immediately, joining the globally available B1 Tester and free B2QScan App for iOS and Android.  The B1 Tester is available for $399 (USD) suggested retail price in the US and Canada through B2Q’s online store, and through B2Q distribution and dealer partners.  The free B2QScan App is available on the Apple App store and the Google Play store.  To learn more about B2Q Technology, B2Q Digital Services, BatteryPortal™, the B1 Battery Tester, and the B2QScan Apps, please visit


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